U.S. History
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Founding Documents
of the United States of America


79453: Lives of The Signers
Lives of The Signers
By B.J. Lossing

The strongest foundation for understanding U.S. history, how our government works, appreciating the concepts upon which our country was founded and the resulting liberties we enjoy, and realizing why it is imperative that the spirit of the Founding Fathers be preserved, is to read and become familiar with our founding documents.


The Magna Carta
The Mayflower Compact
The Declaration of Independence and the fate of its signers
The Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights and
other amendments to the Constitution

Constitution Facts

Patrick Henry Speech - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

Today there are many who distort the Constitution in order to advance their own agenda. They do so by either twisting or altogether abandoning the intent of our Founding Fathers. Their argument is that the Constitution is a "living document" whose meaning constantly changes based on the times in which we live.

This is a dangerous proposition because under that scenario, the rights embodied in the Constitution can be different tomorrow than they are today. And the people who determine what rights we have would be the people in power. In other words, those who argue that point want the Constitution to mean whatever they want it to mean, whenever they want it to mean it. They want to be able to rewrite the rules of democracy at a moments notice as long as it fits their agenda, which clearly threatens everyone's freedom.

Liberty will not long stand and no country can long survive on a foundation of quicksand. Every solid, stable and prosperous entity (a family, a business, a country) must have a solid foundation whose principles apply in all circumstances.

In one sense, perhaps, the Constitution is a "living document," but not with the same meaning the revisionists attribute to it. It is a living document so well written that the principles embodied therein can be applied to situations and circumstances not foreseen when our country was founded. Our Founding Fathers wrote a document that has served as the blueprint for success for over 200 years. One of the fundamental reasons that the United States has become the most powerful nation ever is that we have the oldest, longest-lasting Constitution in the world.

Up until the last 40 years or so, Constitutional legal issues were decided based on the intent of our Founding Fathers, as indicated in the Constitution itself or their other writings. Today, activist judges base their decisions on their own philosophies and take the Constitution out of context to support their findings, and many of our societal ills can be attributed to those very decisions.

If as a society we continue to allow those founding principles to be mocked and perverted by our courts and legislators, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the accelerating problems we face everyday: drug use, murder, robbery, immorality, leaders we can't trust, an education system that doesn't teach children how to
read, gangs, assaults, increasing hopelessness, poverty, etc.

Our President, legislators and judges all promise to uphold the Constitution as they are sworn into office. Why do many of them not abide by their oath, their promise to the American people? First because power corrupts, and second because we let them. We don't get involved and let them know we're watching. We can reclaim America, but it's up to each and every individual to do their part. Are you willing?


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