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Immigration...Good, Bad, or Ugly?

We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. Immigrants who respect our laws and make the United States a better place should be welcomed. On the other hand, immigrants who do not respect our laws or our county have no right to be here.

The primary argument from the left regarding illegal aliens is that most come here not to commit crimes, but only to escape poverty in their country and make a better life for themselves and their children. Perhaps so, but there's a flaw in their logic. Well, there are actually several flaws.

First, all illegal aliens are here because they broke our laws, so they deserve to be prosectued. In what other crime do the perpetrators not only not get prosected, but actually get rewarded? Illegals are rewarded by allowing them to stay and giving them free health care, education, food stamps, etc. Because the Constitution says there is equal treatment for all, if illegals get rewaded, so should other criminals.

For example, if a bank robber gets caught, not only should they not be prosecuted, they should be rewarded by allowing them to keep the money, and providing free health care, education, food stamps, etc. as well. But if they are prosecuted, then they're being treated unequally under the law. That's unconstitutional.

Second, just because someone doesn't want to harm us doesn't mean they should be allowed in the U.S. Immigrating is a privilege, not a right, so if someone doesn't want to assimilate into the U.S. culture, speak the language, learn and practice our customs, then they're doing this country more harm than good.

Third, we are not a country of unlimited resources. So every dollar we give an illegal alien is a dollar we can't give to America's poor. Every spot we give an illegal alien in a college or university is a spot that can't be given to an American citizen. That's just wrong..

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